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I am Yue Du

I have loved to doodle and create simple designs since my childhood, for I believe art and design arrangements can be powerful enough to touch the heart of the viewers. Thanks to my interest in game design, I completed a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of California, Davis majoring in Computer Engineering. Such experience enabled me to program in Python, C++, JavaScript, as well as understand coding language. I also graduated with a degree in Japanese, which I speak fluently. I am a Mandarin speaker, also proficient in English, and can easily adapt to multicultural working environments. ​

I grew up with a passion for art and design, and my desire to enhance my design skills led me to the graphic design postgraduate program at the Academy of Art University. After going through the systematic training of the program, now I fully comprehend the principles of design and can properly choose the appropriate way to communicate my ideas.

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